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marQuake – helps to make sense of complex information in today’s ‘always on’ world

marQuake helps organizations to sift through all the online ‘noise’, to discover the conversations, influencers and attitudes that really matter, even across hundreds of thousands of topics or sources. Agile decision-making becomes more informed and accurate, because organizations can see whether their campaigns or strategic plans are really working.

Far more than just a social-listening, reputation management, sentiment or media monitoring tool, marQuake examines and then analyzes vast inter-connected networks, taking insight to a whole new level. It’s like being able to hear the whole crowd, but zooming in on the voices that really influence your market, how they relate to each other and understanding complex conversations.

marQuake is also far more customisable according to the user than other tools, with a different choice of interfaces that deliver the right information at the right time: whether for a CEO who just wants the headlines on his or her smartphone, or a marketing professional who needs to drill down into the detail.

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