Every minute, millions of pieces of online information are posted, exchanged, commented on, liked and copied on the Internet.  As we all know, sifting through what really matters become overwhelming. 
marQuake is different because it doesn’t just look at the bigger picture and it doesn’t just identify the most influential sources.  Its underlying technology analyses the relationships between all those sources or individuals, to gauge the impact that they have on each other. marQuake looks at inter-connections and calculates the impact of each conversation on other information ‘clusters’.
It’s like being at a conference where there are groups of important people who stick together, but they also have connections with other important groups at the conference.  Now imagine being able to hear what they are saying about your organization and more to the point, what those conversations really  mean and what the tangible impact on you or your organization would be.

More sources – in real-time, marQuake covers websites, online forums, communities, social media and even internal communication systems: with far greater depth and reach than anyone else
Highly customisable – each set of information ‘clusters’ is unique to each organization
Simple – no special training is required and an extremely intuitive choice of user interfaces makes marQuake the ideal tool for everyone, from the CEO to marketing staff and data analysts. It’s optimised for mobile too.